Mission Statement

SciTech Mission Statement

Do you want to support a company brand that means something more than just selling products?

A company that actually works towards helping the world in some way?

SciTech Syndicate is a website that provides unique merchandise.

We design and source only high-quality products.

Our primary focus is on home Fusion systems. These will be able to utilize the atomic structure of hydrogen and generate heat and light as an energy source. We provide products as compensation to ensure that people get something for supporting our startup company. You can follow our latest news and progression of our project here: https://scitechsyndicate.com/blogs/fusion-news

Why E-commerce?

Rather than using a crowdfunding platform that gives you nothing in return if the experiment proves to be a failure, we provide compensation in the form of products for your support.

SciTech Syndicate is also a platform that will present data for new technologies and share the knowledge of our open source energy projects. In time, we hope to create energy abundance as its an extremely important engineering feat for our planet.

Help Engineer the Future! Support Science and Technology advancement through open source cooperation. 5% of Profits go towards Renewable Energy Open Source Engineering.

A patent on clean and abundant energy limits the progression of clean energy technology. So we have chosen to license our work under creative commons.