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    Want a brand that is geeking hard but has a purpose? SciTech Syndicate is a unique brand that aims to turn peoples passion for science fiction and make it science reality. We deliver fresh articles relating to Science, Technology, Physics, geek culture, and Engineering. 

    SciTech Syndicate was founded by Diadon Acs to help fund Hydrogen Fusion Technology. 5% of all profits go towards a Harmonic Fusion experiment that operates on fundamental principles of nature.... maybe...

     We wont make any extraordinary claims until they are empirically confirmed.

    Stay tuned!

    We do business as Concsious Energies LLC. Check us out at www.cedigitalmedia.com


    The 10 Year Business plan

    ce digital media cover pageClean and Abundant Energy Conscious Energies10 Year Plan of Conscious Energies LLCGeneral Road map for Conscious Energies LLCConscious Energies Mission & SciTech Syndicate Mission

    For more information on Fusion technology you can read this article: https://scitechsyndicate.com/blogs/fusion-news/what-is-nuclear-fusion


    Here is some past research that needs more development.