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    Want a brand that is geeking hard but has a purpose? SciTech Syndicate is a unique brand that aims to turn peoples passion for science fiction and make it science reality. We deliver fresh articles relating to Science, Technology, Physics, geek culture, and Engineering. 

    SciTech Syndicate was founded by Diadon Acs to help fund Hydrogen Fusion Technology. 5% of all profits go towards a Harmonic Fusion experiment that operates on fundamental principles of nature.... maybe... 

    If nature will cooperate! 

    Who is this Ebisu Fellow?

    We have chosen Ebisu as our mascot because our brand believes in overcoming adversity and developing trade skills. Here is the story of Ebisu

     Ebisu (恵比須, 恵比寿, 夷, 戎), also transliterated Webisu (ゑびす, see historical kana orthography) or called Hiruko (蛭子) or Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami (事代主神), is the Japanese god of fishermen and luck. He is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune (七福神 Shichifukujin), and the only one of the seven to originate purely from Japan without any Hindu influence.

    The Legend of Ebisu

    The weak child overcame many hardships, grew legs (and, presumably, the rest of his skeletal structure) at the age of three, and became the god Ebisu.He remains slightly crippled and deaf, but mirthful and auspicious nonetheless (hence the title, "The laughing god"). He is often depicted wearing a tall hat—the Kazaori Eboshi (風折烏帽子)—holding a rod and a large red sea bream or sea bassJellyfish are also associated with the god and the fugu restaurants of Japan will often incorporate Ebisu in their motif.


    We do business as Concsious Energies LLC. Check us out at www.cedigitalmedia.com

    Out 10 Year Business plan look like this.

    ce digital media cover pageClean and Abundant Energy Conscious Energies10 Year Plan of Conscious Energies LLCGeneral Road map for Conscious Energies LLCConscious Energies Mission & SciTech Syndicate Mission

    Here is some past research that needs more development.