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    SciTech Syndicate is a home for all things Science and Technology. We deliver fresh articles relating to Science, Technology, Physics, and Engineering. SciTech Syndicate can help fund startup experimenters and creators to encourage their passions in applied science.  Engineer the Future Now and Join the Syndicate.

    SciTech Syndicate was founded by Diadon Acs to help fund Hydrogen Fusion Technology. 5% of all profits go towards a Harmonic Fusion experiment that operates on fundamental principles of nature.

    At any time if you would like to discuss more of the principal hypothesis that is being tested, please contact us to ask more questions. If you would like to learn the general principle of an experiment we are designing refer to this video.

    Co-Deposition of Pd Stan Szpak LENR

    This is just a taste of a  holistic and energy efficient approach at the operation of the stars. Understanding how elements fuse from hydrogen is one of the greatest scientific endeavors anyone can undertake. We aim to bring these solutions to the public openly.