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    The Conscious Energies Live Podcast is meant to open up dialogue about science, engineering, technology, and philosophy.

    You wan't a better world in which we all can be free to do what makes us happy? Something that fulfills our soul and aligns with our true purpose right?

    This is the Science of being human and allows us to look at the sciences with holistic approach and apply what we have learned into action. 

    I hope you will join us and enjoy every moment of the experience to the fullest! Please share us on your social media streams and create even more conversation about how we can Engineer a better future with a conscious effort. 

     Episode 1 Had some sound quality hick-ups but is a brief introduction to who I am. If you are interested in joining the show please contact me any time.

    Episode 2: The Spirit of Science

    We take a deep dive into spiritualism and how it applies to science. Why understanding ones self has a huge impact on understanding the world around us. We even got a hater on this episode and it made things a lot of fun. 

    Please rate and share the podcast so I am able to improve future episodes.

    Episode 3: Free Energy and Over-unity

    Free Energy real or fake? Does it go against the laws of nature itself or is it the fundamental part of natural law? If #freeenergy and #overunity exist, how can we engineer our systems to utilize it? Let's discuss it on #consciousenergies live podcast. 


    Episode 4: Polarity

    Don't you find it fascinating we live in a very binary condition. We have the moon and the sun, masculine and feminine, and positive or negative. It seem's like our lives are very black and white... I don't think this is the case and we are going to talk about why. Join the podcast as we dive deep into the human bias of polarization. #politics and #religion will be discussed so be ready to have some deep talks on #consciousenergies live podcast.


    Conscious Energies Live Podcast 5: UFO Do they exist?

    This episode of #consciousenergies podcast I am going to talk about #UFO or now officially called UAP's Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. by the US Government.

    Also an announcement an exciting guest for the next podcast.


    Conscious Energies Live Podcast 6: Cold Fusion Researcher Bob Greenyer

    This episode of #consciousenergies podcast I have on honored guest Bob Greenyer. He is the head spokesperson for the MFMP (Martin Flieschmann Memorial Project) and one of the leading researchers in LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions).

    Come listen into Bob Greenyer's story and join in the thought provoking discussion.
    The topics up for discussion will be #LENR or #ColdFusion as its notoriously known.

    Bob's Links: